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Boulevard Scheveningen. Something new, and something old... A Suzuki, a dustbin, and a derelict Jugendstill shop where the weird reflection in the glass is caused by the purple drapes behind the windows




Villa Sandhaghe, Scheveningen, the Netherlands. A beautiful villa that was occupied by the Germans during the second world war. The past years it has been an abandoned place until squatters inhabited the villa. A few weeks ago the police made an end to the inhabitance so now it is abandoned again.



Sandhaghe. German 'graffiti' on the wall in the attic





The entrance to the basement. The staircase has been demolished,

so I had to use a rope to go down. I was not allowed to shoot pics down there


And I also had to use ropes and wobbly stepladders to get to the roof...





From this roof I had a great view of the surroundings where many bunkers

and underground corridors still lie in the ground - see map below -


Map of the bunkers and underground corridors. The buildings with

the thick black outlines are bunkers.


©2004 Singha Gerrits. All photographs are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.